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The day was a good great one.  With hubs back in town after almost a week in Europe, we started the morning with a hearty family breakfast (courtesy of chef hubs) a hashed potato with arugula/avocado/parm salad, topped with two over easy eggs (YUM).  After a couple hours of baby care and some client work, I started making my awesome red meat sauce later in the morning to be ready for a delicious pasta dinner.  With an infant, we have learned to divide tasks, keep it simple, and to plan ahead… way ahead… in order to be productive.

With sauce simmering on super low heat, I took baby girl for a nice walk to Paul Revere Park.  She napped and I snapped (photos, that is) of some beautiful spring scenery in Charlestown, MA.  I felt the beauty around me and it added romance to the tedium of feeding schedules and nap times that govern the life of a work-at-home mom.  It’s so easy to feel dowdy, despite all the amazing parts of being a new mom, because we have to surrender so much of ourselves.  For the first few months of being a mom, I felt like I didn’t know myself anymore – I felt as if I ceased to be my spunky, creative self and had become a boring, clock abiding, feeding machine… at least that’s how I felt.  But, I decided that I am not going down like that…

I believe my daughter will be a stronger woman for witnessing a living example of one every day.

As such, I intend to keep as much of my individuality and creativity beating in my heart as is possible, while making home a sweet place, and motherhood a worthy calling.  I am lucky to have a husband who supports me in my pursuits and who also makes the sacrifice of working hard for our family every day. Days like this remind me how very blessed I am in every circumstance and how I couldn’t wish for anything more.  🙂

Potato Hash Arugula Avocado Egg Breakfast

Meat Sauce with Basil Leaves

Blossoms 4-25

Zakim Bridge Boston Skyline 4-25

🍴 Super Yogurt

#GoodEats #Healthy Lifestyle #MomLife #Photography

super yogurt

What’s for breakfast today? Super Yogurt… 🙂  It’s such a simple and healthy meal… light, but filling… and delicious (P.S. It doesn’t matter how good something is for me, if it tastes bad, I won’t eat it.)  Also, as a new mom of a beautiful baby girl, I can’t labor over every meal, so when I’m on my own, quick and easy is a must.

I’m no health nut but I challenge myself to make healthy foods taste great without compromising the nutritional integrity of the food.  What do I mean by that? Well, sugar coating and chocolate dipped can make almost anything taste good, but the net health benefit is probably negative, right?  Even when I am craving something unhealthy like cake or cookies, I am constantly halving or replacing sugar and butter in recipes, and instead using spices to bolster flavor.  Anyway, this yogurt (banana flavored) with Nature Valley granola, chia seeds, and goji berries (not to be mistaken with craisins) leaves nothing to be desired on the health front.  You can add any of the toppings to personal preference, but it’s got great texture (crunch from the granola and chia seeds, chew from the goji berries, smooth from the yogurt) and flavor.  When I use plain yogurt, I will probably add a little honey… Enjoy!

Wanna know the health benefits of Goji Berries? Chia Seeds?

Strolling Along…

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A fellow new mommy friend visited us in Charlestown today… we had lunch and walked around Paul Revere Park, stumbling across a cool little hidden walkway. For the 7-8 minute stretch of path, we ventured under an overpass into a cool CandyLand-esque world. What a treat!

It’s always nice to spend time with fellow mommies who are going through similar phases with their babies cause the truth is,

Being a mom can feel lonely sometimes even when it seems we never have a moment to ourselves… ever.

So, sure… we can stroll along and get by just fine on our own… but why stroll alone?  I love having the support of genuine mommy friends and would hate to go the road alone.

Candy Land

Under and Overpass

💕 3 years ago today, April 20, 2013

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Three years ago today, we were in Lisbon Portugal for a conference and this picture was taken the night of the gala unknown to us. We were newly engaged, baby free, and love was young.  In this candid moment, with my then husband-to-be in his tux and me in my fancy dress, I thought I could not possibly be more in love.  But, I was wrong… our love has grown exponentially. The foundation of mutual respect, understanding, and affection laid over the last few years coupled with the birth of our first child has brought our love to a whole new level.  The way my husband is looking at me in this picture is how he looked at me when we fell in love, how he still looks at me today, and how I hope he will look at me for the rest of our lives together.

Call me a helpless romantic, I don’t care.  It’s true.  I am, and I own it entirely.

Maybe I’m sentimental because I miss my husband while he is away at this same conference and I am home caring for our infant.  Maybe it’s because the world is topsy turvey and I fear that anything can happen at any time to wreck our perfect happiness.  Maybe it’s because we are embarking on new territory, redefining “us” to include our family of 3.  I don’t know… maybe all of the above and some other unsurfaced feelings.  Whatever the case may be… I feel blessed. I feel grateful. I want the universe, God, to know that I’m thankful.  I am braced to give more love and receive more love. Three years, nay thirty years, from today, I want to reflect on our ever growing blessings like I am today.

High Fives!

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Cause high fives are awesome and so is our baby girl… 🙂 It’s true when they say babies soak up everything they see and hear like sponges.

Do not to underestimate tiny humans.

They understand and “get” a lot more than we give them credit for. And repetition is king. Sure, this high five leaves much to be desired by way of strength and enthusiasm, but baby girl is learning and that is cool beans to watch every day. #Winning #4Months