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The day was a good great one.  With hubs back in town after almost a week in Europe, we started the morning with a hearty family breakfast (courtesy of chef hubs) a hashed potato with arugula/avocado/parm salad, topped with two over easy eggs (YUM).  After a couple hours of baby care and some client work, I started making my awesome red meat sauce later in the morning to be ready for a delicious pasta dinner.  With an infant, we have learned to divide tasks, keep it simple, and to plan ahead… way ahead… in order to be productive.

With sauce simmering on super low heat, I took baby girl for a nice walk to Paul Revere Park.  She napped and I snapped (photos, that is) of some beautiful spring scenery in Charlestown, MA.  I felt the beauty around me and it added romance to the tedium of feeding schedules and nap times that govern the life of a work-at-home mom.  It’s so easy to feel dowdy, despite all the amazing parts of being a new mom, because we have to surrender so much of ourselves.  For the first few months of being a mom, I felt like I didn’t know myself anymore – I felt as if I ceased to be my spunky, creative self and had become a boring, clock abiding, feeding machine… at least that’s how I felt.  But, I decided that I am not going down like that…

I believe my daughter will be a stronger woman for witnessing a living example of one every day.

As such, I intend to keep as much of my individuality and creativity beating in my heart as is possible, while making home a sweet place, and motherhood a worthy calling.  I am lucky to have a husband who supports me in my pursuits and who also makes the sacrifice of working hard for our family every day. Days like this remind me how very blessed I am in every circumstance and how I couldn’t wish for anything more.  🙂

Potato Hash Arugula Avocado Egg Breakfast

Meat Sauce with Basil Leaves

Blossoms 4-25

Zakim Bridge Boston Skyline 4-25

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