“You is a very fluid concept right now.” -Hitch

Impostor syndrome is a deeply rooted feeling of insecurity that rears its ugly head when we step outside our comfort zones, and it aims for the jugular as it make us feel like a fraud, a sellout, a poser.  It usually strikes at a point that should otherwise be a proud moment, like getting a promotion, landing a new client, receiving a commission to do a work of art, or receiving praise and recognition. Impostor Syndrome is that mean inner voice that says, “So, you think you’re special now?” or “Who do you think you’re fooling?” and “You don’t belong here…  you don’t deserve this. You are going to fail.”

In one of my favorite RomComs, Will Smith’s character “Hitch” is a dating consultant who takes hopeless cases and helps them win over the loves of their lives. In an opening scene, one of his clients expresses his uncertainty about a new, very becoming, pair of shoes, “I don’t think they’re really me.” To which Hitch replies, “You is a very fluid concept right now. You bought the shoes. You look great in the shoes. That’s the you that I’m talking about.

Sometimes, we need to get unstuck from the self-imposed perception of who we were and what we did yesterday (and the days/months/years before that). Why, with all of the infinite possibilities that each day holds, do we feel trapped in cycles of doing the things that don’t work for us, and fail to make us happy?

YOU is a fluid concept every single day. YOU choose the “shoes” you will wear, what path you will take, and which lens you will see yourself and the world through. That’s the YOU I’m talking about.

Joyful Purge

Following the sage advice of Marie Kondo, the life/space organizer guru, I purged my work area of books, supplies and magazines that don’t spark joy. I have never been able to work in chaos so my desk and art area have always been tidy, but I realized that I was surrounded by a neat pile of clutter and things I didn’t love, or need for that matter – pens, notebooks, books, decor – things that just did not spark joy in my work life/ work space.

Why was I holding on to these things that I never use? Because I am afraid of being wasteful? Cause I might need it one day?

Sometimes the things that hold us back are the seemingly innocuous clutter of material things we hold on to. Lift the weight of things, and you’ll feel free to soar… and the things that remain and make the cut, will actually be the things you enjoy and love.

What are you holding on to that just doesn’t spark joy? Is it time to let go?

Learn to rest, not to quit.

My body is exhausted, though my mind is aglow. I’ve been so excited to write and make art in the mornings that I’ve been beating my alarm every day and staying up much later than I should be. So, tonight, I am going to just share this little nugget of wisdom to remind myself (and you) to listen to your body… if you’re tired, rest… but do not quit!

Good night! 😴

Attitude of Gratitude 🙏🏼

I am a firm believer that an attitude of gratitude begets more blessings in life. This works inwardly and outwardly.

When we are grateful for the people and things in our lives instead of focusing on what we don’t have, we feel full, complete, and favored by the universe. It’s the very acknowledgement of the big and small blessings in our lives that make us feel so incredibly blessed… but an attitude of gratitude is an active and inward choice.

We have to choose to see and acknowledge our blessings – that’s our mindset. 

I also believe that the universe simply grants more blessings to those who are grateful because well, wouldn’t you be compelled to give more to someone who appreciated what you gave them? I think of the universe as operating much like we do on a cosmically larger scale, and the laws of attraction are at work. If we are poised to receive blessings, we are quicker to notice when we get them, and the more we feel that we are blessed, the more we attract blessings to our selves.

One small practice I have been doing every evening to stay more mindful of my blessings is to keeping a Gratitude Journal. You can also do this with minimal effort and maximum impact.  Every night, on your phone, your computer, or a small notebook by your bed stand (I am using my reMarkable writing tablet) write down something you are grateful for – it should be something specific and can be big or small. When you start this practice, you start to recount all the blessings around you. It’s really been a wonderful way to end the day and I wake up refreshed to embrace new blessings.

Try it and see. ♥

Living as Art

Currently consuming Emerson’s essay on Art… here’s my favorite little morsel from today:

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not. The best of beauty is a finer charm than skill in surfaces, in outlines, or rules of art can ever teach, namely, a radiation from the work of art of human character…”

My greatest work of art should be the life I lead.