Five Star Recovery – Official MV (2010)


Sophia Moon is an American singer/songwriter. She released her first solo album, Staring Back At Me on iTunes in 2009. Her single, Five Star Recovery, peaked at #17 on the Boston Pop Charts and was aired on radio stations from Glassboro NJ (WGLS) to Barnstable, MA (WKKL) where it placed in the Top-30 Most Spun Albums chart. Moon has performed for Boston Fashion Week 2010-11, headlined at the Hard Rock Café Boston, and performed her solo concert at the renown Regatta Bar in Cambridge, among other notable venues.
Moon, whose parents are Korean, was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. She started singing at the age of nine and writing songs in high school. Moon has worked with a tribe of very talented producers and musicians but in 2013 made the decision to take a hiatus to start a family. Moon gave birth to her beautiful baby girl in December 2015 and is currently enchanting her favorite audience of one, while biding her time and making plans for the future.
Sophia Moon’s full-scale solo album “Staring Back At Me” features upbeat dance tracks as well as captivating ballads and is available on iTunes, Amazon, and SoundCloud.
See below for a full discography of published songs from her albums as well as select unreleased goodies from the songwriting vault. Enjoy!


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